Courses Coming Soon

  • Scholarships & Financial Aid: How to Study for FREE in any University in the World

    Have you ever wondered - am I overpaying for my tuition? You may not have even gotten that question because you gave up your dream to study at a university given insane prices. What if I told you...there are strategies on how to get an education for free?

  • Digital Productivity Simplified

    Too much noise. Notification here, notification there. Remote work, hybrid work, this phone call, that Zoom call, how are we supposed to process trillions of data we feed into our brain per day? And then somehow stay productive? Let's find out.

  • Growth Mindset 101

    You cannot build anything in life until you establish the basic rules of a growth mindset. How you view things and people will affect how you feel about them, impacting your performance. Learn how to navigate your life with a mindset of a winner.