Course Curriculum

    1. Lesson 1: Benefits of studying in the U.S. & Abroad

    2. Lesson 2: Why Do You Want to Study in College: Identifying Personal Outcomes

    1. Lesson 1: Types of Universities & Programs

    2. Lesson 2: Priorities & Key Criteria When Choosing a University

    1. Lesson 1: Overview & Eligibility to Apply

    2. Lesson 2: Strategy Behind Deadlines

    3. Lesson 3: Academic Testing

    4. Lesson 4: English Language Testing (For International Students Only)

    5. Lesson 5: Application Itself & University Transcripts

    6. Lesson 6: Personal Statement: Core Essay Framework

    7. Lesson 6.1: Personal Statement: Walking Through the Essay Sample

    8. Lesson 7: Resume (College CV)

    9. Lesson 8: Recommendation Letter Framework, Best Practices, & Sample Overview

    10. Lesson 9: Admission Interview

    1. Lesson 1: Application Fee Waiver Strategies

    2. Lesson 2: Finalize Your Package

    1. Lesson 1: Accepting Your Admission Letter

    2. Lesson 2: U.S. Student Visa (For International Students Only)

    3. Lesson 3: Preparing for Departure (Out of State & International Students)


About this course

  • 22 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Bonus Material

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  • Working Sheets

    Create your college admission plan and navigate your application using simple yet powerful pre-made working sheets.

  • Strategy Guides

    Leverage short and helpful guides on each topic as you prepare your university application.

  • Samples

    Take a look at successful examples of essays, recommendation letters, Resume, and utilize various templates.



Student Success Coach Andrei Trapizonian

Andrei Trapizonian has extensive experience in dealing with all things college admission and academics. He obtained 3 Master's Degrees (two Master of Laws and a Master of Business Administration) in Ukraine and the U.S. while getting admitted to 27 American universities in 20 states. They also awarded Andrei with scholarships and assistantships worth more than $700,000. During his college application journey, Andrei learned various effective strategies like getting an application fee waiver, navigating requirements in official documentation, obtaining financial aid, and more. Finally, Mr. Trapizonian also ensured that his efforts did not go unfruitful and completed his MBA program with a 4:00 GPA, and consequently, have started a job two weeks after graduation. Today, he is running this learning center to help students succeed.

Win Admission to the Best University

Testimonials From Our Students

"He knows what he is doing"

Tatyana Jackson, Accounting Major at University of Arkansas at Little Rock. FB @Tatyana Jackson

"I am not a new person in the US. Have been here for several years, obtained a bachelor degree from the US University. I am much older than Andrei. And yet, he helped me with useful information when I needed it, which makes him a very educated and professional. He knows what he is doing. Andrei advised me with my next step in my Education-admissions for Masters degree. I am telling you, that young man will be willing and happy to help anyone with any issue regarding American education!🥰"

"It was a significant benefit to me"

Luna Prysiazhniuk, Architecture Major. International Student from Ukraine. Plein Air Artist. IG

"In the US, there are a lot of private and public schools and to make the right decision sometimes hard. Finding the best institution that will fit your academic needs takes a lot of time and could be very confusing. Trapizonian Education consultancy agency guided me through this process step by step until I received a letter about being admitted to my dream college at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Consultants also assisted me in building a strategy to succeed in my college studies. They helped me write and organize my Personal Statement and Resume content. During the admission prosses, I received the Recommendation Letters from my College professors, and Trapizonian education assisted me in reviewing the letters and requested additional documentation for the successful result. To be coached by Trapizonian Education was a significant benefit to me. I received all the college Success tips, which helped me to make the first step to my successful career."

"The frustration with the choice of the university vanished"

Alesya Denga, International Student from Belarus. Studied Creative Writing at Minnesota State University. IG @alessjalessja

"I was stuck with my first email to the university admission office and members of faculties. I simply didn't know how to begin and what attitude to choose without being too noisy or annoying. Andrew gave me samples of introduction emails, advised on how to find right people to address my issues, recommended to feel free to write directly to faculty professors - they are actually willing to answer your questions! The frustration with the choice of the university - everyone has it - was vanished. It seemed there are so many colleges, programs and websites are usually do not help 🙂 Andrew explained what to pay attention in the first place, where to search for info, who to ask for, etc. To be honest, his own example of getting enrolled and receiving the scholarship speaks for itself and is the greatest inspiration for anyone who's dreaming of continuing education in the US."

"Extremely useful tips in fundraising"

Ivan Yavnych, Attorney, LL.M. at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. IG @ ivan.yavnych

"Trapizonian Education has been very helpful in my fundraising for LLM studies. During our cooperation, I learned a lot of useful and valuable information connected with the fundraising and sources of funding. Moreover, Trapizonian Education has also provided me with extremely useful tips regarding communication with the admission office and university representatives. They have a very proactive and individual approach and always come up with new ideas, and will provide you with all necessary details and even more. I highly recommend the services of Trapizonian Education, would it be proof-reading of your letter of motivation or more complex task as finding funds for your studies. Without doubt, I will ask for help of Trapizonian Education once again should such need arise in the future."

How I Got My Dream Internship

Tajdar Ahmed

International MBA Student from Peru and Her Student Success Story

Natali Torres

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